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Wilmington, NC

Let us provide you with the BEST adventures in Wilmington 

Let the trip in Wilmington begin with one of our 4 unique tours. You chose the adventure, we mail you the suggested places to stay, eat, play, and explore. Each of our packages are designed to give you the BEST places to check out while visiting Wilmington.

Receive your trip itinerary in the mail and start planning where you want to go and when. Some of our suggestions will need to be booked in advance. Others can be enjoyed any time throughout the year without a reservation/booking needed. Any size group can use these suggestions, make sure to book excursions or tours in advance to accommodate everyone.

If you are staying for 1 day, pick one option, 2 days choose two, the weekend choose 3. Each adventure will provide you with enough activities for a full day depending on how much time you spend at each stop.

How to book-

Click book now, then select group sessions, which adventure tour you'd like, and what date you'd like the tour package to be mailed to you. You'll receive an email shortly to finalize details and get your mailing address to send you everything.

Along the Riverwalk

Take a tour along the Cape Fear River in downtown Wilmington. You'll visit places both on and off the river and even a bar that's over 80 years old. 

This tour can be enjoyed while walking or driving. 

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The seascape explorer

Cruise to over 4 beaches on this road trip of the sea. Alongside beaches, you'll also explore waterside boardwalks, age-old lighthouses, scenic viewpoints, and delicious local eateries.

This tour will require both walking and driving. 

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Historic Gems & Haunts

Since being founded in the 1730's Wilmington is packed with rich history and haunting tales. Join this tour for a stroll through the past and maybe you'll be visited by some spirits.

This tour will require both walking and driving. 

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The districts of Wilmington

Over the past few years, Wilmington has grown and developed over 9 unique districts. This trip has tons of photo opportunities, outdoor adventures, and plenty of spots to eat, drink, and shop.

This tour will require both walking and driving. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book?

Once you book your request for the adventure package, you'll receive an email from us providing you with more details on the trip and requesting a good mailing address (unless you add it to the notes). The price for each package is $20. This helps to cover the cost of the booklet and shipping.  Once you get your booklet start planning your trip and scheduling some fun adventures.

What comes in my package?

You'll receive a booklet with detailed information on our suggestions, the tours, eateries, locations to stay, etc. We will provide you with some coupons and deals as well. AND a little gift from us for booking.

What are the rates of the adventure package?

Each package is $20.