I have traveled all around the US and the World in search of the best "thingstodo"


Traveling the US became a passion of mine when I spent an entire Summer, with my Grandparents, touring the US in a motorhome. Ever since then, I would go on trips with family and I fell in love with learning about new scenery, cultures, food and the unique qualities each new place brings. In my 20's I moved around a lot for both school and to be closer to my brother who's active duty. Because I lived in many different sides of the US, I took the liberty to travel on weekends to neighboring states and cities. By the time I reached my 30's I had accomplished my goal of visiting all 50 states in the US.

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World Travel

I was in high school when I became a member of People 2 People, an ambassador program for students. We went through a rigorous process to narrow down hundreds of students to 30 who would travel to Australia and New Zealand for a Summer. I was chosen to go and be the spokes person for our group. (I am very outgoing and chatty) In 2004 I got my first passport to travel abroad!

The flight to Australia from NYC is very long but worth it. This is where my love of traveling abroad began. And now I have been to over 16 countries, most multiple times like Mexico and Canada.

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Favorite places I have traveled to by myself or with family and friends

I live by the motto "bougie on a budget"

I enjoy the finer things in life but also at a good price. That's not to say I won't spend money on something I want. It means if two hotels are right beside each other one has a package for $200 and includes free parking and a bottle of wine, the other hotel is $200 for just the room, I am going for the package deal.